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Some Recommendations:

" What  an evening we shared with Ray and his lovely wife during our Wild Game Supper. His spirit filled testimony was enjoyed by all and moved some to making their profession of faith to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Through his experiences in the great outdoors and his photography, the evening was a moving experience. We all look forward to hearing his testimony and message again."
Ronald Skipper
Men's Ministry Director
Eastmont Baptist Church
Montgomery, Alabama
Wyoming Adventure
Wyoming Photo Shoot
Once in a lifetime we have the opportunity to be surrounded by beauty for hours upon end. Such was The Tetons and Yellowstone in October. We spent days in our Jeep Wrangler searching out endless possibilities of wildlife and landscapes. I was exhausted at the end of the trip like none before. It was in God's hands from the beginning.  With guide, Garry Wagner from Enterprise, Oregon,  we were able to get up close and personal on magnificent animals. Many were in rut and twice got too close and backed out just in time. We were in awe of the beauty of it all and give all the glory to God who created it for our enjoyment and yours. PTL

An Introductory video of a recent wildlife presentation by Ray Mears.
*Contains seven minutes of a 40 minute presentation.